As Ohio's Treasurer of State, I am pleased to welcome you to BidOhio -- our office's certificate-of-deposit electronic bidding auction. Electronic bidding is an innovative, new technology designed to enhance, simplify and maximize the investment of our state's financial assets. BidOhio is benefiting Ohio taxpayers and banks by providing an easy and equitable bidding award process. The Treasury conducts auctions at this site on the first and third Tuesday of every month, awarding up to $50 million in certificates of deposit during each auction.

BidOhio is an excellent example of technology at work in a government setting. I am committed to expanding our use of technology to improve the function and services of the Treasurer's Office. Thank you for your interest and continued participation in BidOhio. We are preparing today for the challenges of tomorrow. We hope you will join us.

Robert Sprague
State Treasurer

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